Zaida was born into art.  Her mother is an amazing artist, composer, and musician.  “I remember sitting on the couch watching my mom's fingers move graciously throughout the piano keys.  It was mesmerizing for me.” Zaida learned how to play the piano from her mother when she was 12 years old. “From then on, my love for music began, but not for the piano, my love was simply listening to the music.”

Inspired by musicians like Rob Thomas, Pink and Jewel, Zaida is a storyteller in her song-writing. Zaida had a few lessons on her first, used and worn-out classical guitar, and started combining her own original poetry with some basic guitar melodies. That was the result of Zaida’s debut album, “Train Ride”. As an independent artist, Zaida released an EP called "Little Box of Secrets." Zaida's latest self-produced singles, Savannah and Bulletproof Queen, takes one on a journey from one extreme to the other. Savannah is a song about love and loss, while Bulletproof Queen is an empowering, rock song, showcasing her expressive vocal delivery, as well as her storytelling. While listening to Zaida's songs, the listener becomes a traveler. 

“Although the journey has been challenging, I am not ready to stop showing the people the world through my eyes.  My lyrics portray the different journeys my life has taken me through; heartache, hardships, falling in love, and happiness. I want the people to feel what I felt, to see what I have seen, and to know what I have learned. I want my music to be the window to my soul for the world to peek in. It is more than just listening to the songs; it is breathing in the words.”



The Miami Music Mystery series’ main backdrop, the amazing city of Miami, Florida, is beloved and well-known to me. I was born and raised in Miami, and like the novel’s main character Vy, I am a singer/songwriter, Grammy considered, independent artist. All things relating to music or literature are my passion.

Many years ago, I became an avid reader of cozy mysteries. The story lines were intriguing, engaging, and funny at the same time. I was so inspired by the authors, that I then decided to take my musical experiences, and put it on paper. I published my first novel, The Last Note, a Miami Music Mystery. Now, I have brought my characters back to life, in the sequel, In the Key of Dead, a Miami Music Mystery. The phobia's, the dream sequences, and the quirkiness of the main characters, are all based on facts. I hope that I was able to, once again, show the readers of my novels, the love I have for Miami, the Cuban culture, my family, and music.



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Stay is a song about a daughter who lost her father too soon.

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